/Get to know the Huskies: Joe Boice
Highlands resident and former Red Hawk and Storm player Joe Boice has appreciated being able to play in front of family and friends as a member of the Haliburton County Huskies this season./DARREN LUM Staff

Get to know the Huskies: Joe Boice

By Alex Gallacher

One of only two local players on the Huskies roster is West Guilford’s own Joe Boice. The forward has made quite a name for himself as an agitator who isn’t afraid to stir the pot and get under the other team’s skin during games. Taking a more aggressive style of play, Boice enters his first full season in the OJHL after playing a handful of games for Whitby back in 2019-20. 

Boice is a player that everyone loves to have on their team, but nobody wants to play against. His aggressive playing style has suited him as an agitator, similar to a Brad Marchand he has been a hit with the home fans and a villain to the visiting fans. 

“If we had to play against Joe it would be a pain in the butt,” said Huskies goalie Christian Cicigoi. “He is a great guy to have on our team and no matter how many minutes he plays he always gives it his all. He has that grit to him and the locker room loves him, everyone would go to battle for him. He brings so much to the team, and despite being one of the younger guys he is definitely a leader.” 

Starting his career playing locally, Boice moved to Lindsay in order to pursue hockey. He greaduated to the Whitby Fury at the age of 16, and moved with the team upon relocation to Haliburton. Getting the experience was a big deal for Boice who every game has seen steady improvement. 

“I started out playing up here,” Boice said. “I moved up to Lindsay to keep playing then I tried out in Whitby and was an AP when I was 16. I signed with them when I was 17 and then the team moved here so it’s been good.”

Being from the area, Boice’s family has been able to come to almost all of the games this season. Similar to his fellow countyman Ryan Hall, having his family in the stands serves as an extra level of support on ice. 

Since joining the Huskies, he has been given the opportunity to do something he never did much of in Whitby: win. The Huskies currently sit at second in the East Division, with a seven point deficit to the first place Trenton Golden Hawks. The Huskies have been stringing together an impressive collections of wins, with two straight against the division leading Golden Hawks. 

For Boice, he doesn’t care how the team wins he just loves winning. 

“My family comes to most of the games,” added Boice. “Playing in front of them is great, it’s also been great because I love to win. We’ve won a lot of games this season and it’s good.” 

Boice can be called one of the Huskies’ Icemen, a guy cool, calm and unbothered during times of conflict. Each game Boice gives it his all, and last weekend he scored his first OJHL goal, with an assist from Hall. Prior to that happening, Boice said he wasn’t too worried about it as his bigger role in the teams’ overall success is much more important.

Being a team player is important to Boice, and it helps energize the fans that come out each night.

“It’s fun to play in front of all those people in the crowd, it definitely makes it easier.” Boice said. “But in terms of my first goal, I’m not too worried about it. It’s not what I’m out there to do so I don’t stress about it.” 

The Huskies have grown together a lot since coming together this season, and despite not being a billeted player Boice still has good relationships with many of the Huskies players. Guys like Isaac Sooklal and Jack Staniland have been long time teammates of Boice from both the Fury and his time in Brooklin, so it was pretty easy to adjust when a lot of the guys are well known. The most important thing pregame to Boice is to get a good warm up in. Being prepared mentally for a game in important, as it can sent the tone for what’s to come. 

As the season progresses look for most visiting teams in Haliburton County to have a separate page in their game plan to deal with Iceman himself, the Huskies agitator: Joe Boice.