/Spiritual Rest and Relaxation in the Highlands
RMT Melissa Tong sat down with the Times to discuss the vision of the new retreat programs offered at Dimensions. /CHRISTINE CARR staff

Spiritual Rest and Relaxation in the Highlands

By Christine Carr

Dimensions Healing is offering a new program for those looking for a little more wellness in their lives. The Summer Wellness Series is a new program offering all-inclusive wellness experiences for those desiring a natural reset. The series runs from Aug. 8 to Sept. 3 and is designed to offer brief but needed resets for those exhausted from the demands of everyday life. 

The Wellness Retreat varies slightly from Dimensions other programs, being run similar to a spa. According to their press briefing, “guests receive pre-arrival activities and treatments consultation. The experience is enhanced by the healing properties of such all-inclusive spa rituals as biofeedback and floatation tank sessions, and summer water activities, including kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding. Dimensions’ signature group sound baths and forest bathing are among other featured inclusions.”

Melissa Tong, a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) at Dimensions Wellness, spoke about the goals of the new experience. 

“The goal for the wellness center is specifically focusing on individuals who are looking to step away from their everyday busy and really pamper themselves and enjoy…For the wellness retreat, it is really focusing on individual wellness in a rest and restore kind of space,” said Tong. 

“It is all-inclusive. You have your own cabin, you have your delicious meals from our beautiful chefs in our kitchen. Everything is as organic and possible and as locally found as possible. We try to keep a low impact with little waste. Everything is artfully catered.” 

Melissa Tong has long believed in the importance of spiritual and mental health, which is why she believes so strongly in championing the work of Dimensions healing. 

“What does that look like? Where does that begin? I think we need to begin with the individual in the soul. We can have physical ailments…but we have to work on [mind, body, and spirit] to be whole,” said Tong. She believes that to truly recover and succeed in today’s busy world, you need to focus on the mind, body, and spirit for the whole experience. 

“You can’t just go to the gym and expect everything to be ok. You can’t just eat healthy and expect everything to be ok. We have to take care of our minds and…we have to start looking at health as a holistic piece,” said Tong. 

Tong spoke about how today, more than ever, people are beginning to believe in being advocates for their own mental health and restoring their natural ways of being. 

“The work that is being done at Dimensions is pretty special because it is allowing a safe space for people to come and work on whatever they need to work on…for me, it is a company that is very heart led. They are doing it…not with their ego, not with their bank account, but from the bottom of their heart. That is rare in business in general,” said Tong. 

The summer wellness series at Dimensions Retreat is run by over 20 professionals. Dimensions is located at 1218 Canopy Lane and all retreats are dog friendly and cannabis friendly. Reservations may be made with HiBnB, Airbnb, or via Dimensions.com.