/Two years of lessons for The Wolf Moon

Two years of lessons for The Wolf Moon

By Emily Stonehouse

With highs and lows, ups and downs, it’s been nearly two years of learning experiences for Reed Sacharoff, the owner of the Wolf Moon Shop in Minden. 

Sacharoff kicked off his unique business in January, 2021 via his online store, which was followed shortly by the brick and mortar location at 15 Newcastle Street in Minden. Sacharoff described the store as a “Queer-owned business, supporting BIPOC, 2SLGBTQ+, femme, and female-owned small businesses.” It carries a variety of products, from natural house-cleaning, candles, jewelry, and clothing. “It’s been fun to find Ontario-based and local products wherever I can,” said Sacharoff, “my guiding premise is to find products that are local, eco-friendly, and well-made. Products that are not disposable.” 

The store twists and turns with pops of colour and whimsical art. “I wanted to make a store that appealed to the senses,” said Sacharoff, “there are things to touch, smell, see; it’s meant to be an experience.” 

Having been based out of the cities of Toronto and Vancouver for 20 years prior, Sacharoff felt it was time for a change from the pace of life he experienced with the hustle and bustle. He had a background in graphic and editorial design, working with companies such as Coca-Cola, Smirnoff, Loblaws, and Joe Fresh.

Originally hailing from a small community in British Columbia, he returned to his roots for a visit in early 2020, before his flight was cancelled on March 13 when the pandemic hit. The cancellation extended his stay in the rural region, and inspired the vision of opening up his own shop in a small community in Ontario. He knew of Minden from engaging in Minden Pride events over the years, but did not originally envision the community as his long-term destination. 

“I remember talking to a friend, and thinking I needed a change. I remember saying I would love a space that is zoned commercial on the ground-floor, and residential up top, so I could live right there. That night, I went online, and this building was there,” he said, “the rest is history.” 

Sacharoff noted that while business is good during the high-tourism times, he finds the low-times to be challenging. “My second year was harder than the first,” he noted, “ I remember hearing that would be the case, but it’s hard to navigate. I am continually trying to find other ways to make the business viable here.” 

In the new year, Sacharoff will be opening a pop-up business in Haliburton, located at the recently-opened Wellness Hub on Industrial Park Road. This mini-store will boast products such as towels, candles, massage oils, and beverages for when people are visiting the Wellness Hub. “I am always open for community collaboration, and I am excited about this opportunity at the Hub” he said.

Sacharoff encouraged everyone to pop in to visit the Wolf Moon. “It’s a space that is welcoming and safe,” he noted, “I want everyone to know that they are welcome here.” 

The Wolf Moon Shop can be found at 15 Newcastle Street in Minden. Sacharoff is also active on Instagram, at @wolfmoonshop, or online at www.thewolfmoon.ca