/A half century of Santa 
Santa Claus in this year's Haliburton Parade. /File photo

A half century of Santa 

By Chad Ingram

Published Dec. 28 2017

Haliburton County’s most famous Santa Claus has been donning his red suit for many years.
Many decades in fact.
Forty-nine years to be exact.
“I went grey really really early” Santa says explaining that even as a young man people starting calling him Santa Claus.
So he figured why not run with it?

Now “older than dirt” he can be seen at a number of local Christmas events including Haliburton Village’s Santa Claus parade but Haliburton County’s most famous Santa Claus travels to other Ontario communities as well spreading holiday cheer there.
“I’ve been as far as London St. Thomas” he says adding he’s also taken his reindeer to Peterborough Lakefield and Bobcaygeon.

“It’s the little rewards” Santa says of why he continues his Christmas tradition. “It’s just amazing. I don’t have Christmas for myself . . . I give it away.”
And Christmas isn’t just for kids. Before local gigs Santa can often be spotted along the roadside in Haliburton Village waving to passing motorists. In the days leading up to the Christmas break Santa often shows up unannounced at local businesses with a basket full of candy canes.
“I probably have more fun with the adults” he says.

Children are always trying to uncover his identity.
“They pull on my beard” Santa says. “Of course it don’t come off.”
“These kids are smart” he adds. “They’ll ask you ‘what’s your phone number?’”
But Santa’s not saying.
“Contrary to what people might think you don’t just put a suit on I’m sorry” he says. “You have to become that person.”