/AH council costs $126K for 2016 

AH council costs $126K for 2016 

By Chad Ingram

Published Feb. 23 2017

Algonquin Highlands council cost just more than $126000 to operate for 2016.

Councillors received a treasury report on their 2016 remuneration during a Feb. 16 council meeting.

Reeve Carol Moffatt was paid just more than $27000 accrued about $3500 in benefits and $725 for other expenses for a total of just more than $31300.

Deputy-reeve Liz Danielsen was paid just more than $21000 used $2660 in benefits charged nearly $1600 in mileage and had other expenses of nearly $800 for a total of just over $26670.

Councillor Lisa Barry Brian Lynch and Marlene Kyle were each paid just more than $18100. Barry used more than $5000 in benefits charged about $460 in mileage and had $25 in other expenses for a total of just more than $23800.

Lynch used about $2600 in benefits and charged about $1600 in mileage for a total of approximately $22300 and Kyle had about $3100 in benefits $1320 in mileage and $15 in other expenses for a total of about $22630.

Moffatt and Danielsen also sit on the township’s committee of adjustment for which they each receive per diem payments of $1500.

Other members of the committee – Gerald Bain John Clayton Jim Gould and Jim Harrison – received per diem payments of between $1350 and $1850 with mileage charges ranging from about $45 to about $250. The total costs for the committee of adjustment for the year were just more than $10700.

Danielsen also sits on the board of the Rural Ontario Municipal Association and accrued about $3200 in expenses in that capacity as well as a $300 honorarium those costs paid through the Association of Municipalities of Ontario.