/Algonquin Highlands council cost $155K for 2019 

Algonquin Highlands council cost $155K for 2019 

By Chad Ingram

Algonquin Highlands council cost just more than $155000 to operate for 2019.

Councillors accepted a report on their remuneration and benefits for the year during a Feb. 6 meeting.

Mayor Carol Moffatt received just less than $31700 in remuneration used about $4900 in benefits had $430 in mileage payments and about $3200 in other expenses – this includes conference fees etc. – for a total of just more than $40360. Deputy Mayor Liz Danielsen received about $25350 in remuneration used $3100 in benefits collected no mileage and had $970 in other expenses for a total of just more than $29500.

Councillors Lisa Barry Jennifer Dailloux and Julia Shortreed each received remuneration of just more than $21270 and with benefits mileage and other expenses had totals of approximately $30000 $29100 and $26700 respectively.