/Allsaw Church offers second annual workday fundraiser 
Members of the Allsaw Church Missions's Team paint a shed belonging to Eleanor Hall to raise funds for their trip to the Dominican Republic last year. The church organized a work day last spring with proceeds going towards the missionary work. They will be offering up their services again this spring on May 7 to anyone interested in applying for the fundraiser.

Allsaw Church offers second annual workday fundraiser 

By Angelica Ingram

For the second year in a row congregation members from Allsaw Church are hoping to come to your home or cottage to paint clean garden and much more.

The initiative is part of a fundraiser the church organizes to raise money for their missions team to go to the Dominican Republic to partake in humanitarian work.

Called Allsaw Missions Work Day this year it will take place on Saturday May 7 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (with a lunch break).

The team will come to your house or cottage and spend six hours doing whatever chores you have for them including gardening carpentry cleaning painting and more. Activities they cannot do include plumbing electrical work and other skilled trades.

Those interested can have either a team of 11 come work for the day at a cost of $1000 or a team of five or six individuals (for smaller jobs) for a cost of $500.

All the money is going directly to the trip as each team member is volunteering their time and skills.

Last year for the inaugural work day two teams split their time between doing work at Eleanor Hall’s residence and Marcia Stuckless’s home.

Between the two places the team painted a shed washed windows did gardening work and put up drywall.

“It was challenging” said team leader Marj Mieske. “It was a challenge for us figuring out how to install the drywall.”

Stuckless said the fundraiser was a “good value” as the team put up drywall in her old farm house located in Ingoldsby.

“They did a good job” said Stuckless. “It was very challenging because my walls are not straight.”

She said she would definitely encourage someone to apply for the work as the team displays a great attitude throughout the day.

Mieske said Hall was so pleased with the work that she wrote the team a thank-you letter.

Team member David MacLennan said he was particularly inspired by the unity the team shared during the work day which is similar to the missions trips.

“It’s the same unity on the work day as when we go down to the Dominican” he said. “That’s what seen wherever we go by people … we’re like a family and people see that and I think it’s a great testimony. We have a lot of fun and everybody works well together there’s no division. It’s a good time it’s very enjoyable for the team and the people we’re doing the work for.”

The team has visited the Dominican Republic for the past six years this November marking their seventh trip down.

While there they do a number of humanitarian tasks and visit churches and schools blessing the people they meet with food clothing and treats such as freezies.

Team member Greg Smith says he enjoys the entire experience especially visits to a seniors home.

The deadline for applications for the work day is April 9.

Anyone interested is encouraged to submit a proposal to Mieske with details of the work to be included. Mieske will arrange a time to meet with the selected applicant prior to the work day to go over details including what supplies will be needed.

Anyone within Haliburton County can apply for the work day. Applicants are responsible for providing all the necessary supplies.

The church is hoping to make the work day an annual event.

Those interested in applying for the work day should contact Mieske by April 9 by emailing mmieske@hotmail.com or calling 705-571-3277.