/Astrid Young brings folk music to Minden

Astrid Young brings folk music to Minden

By Angelica Ingram

To say Astrid Young is a chameleon when it comes to careers is an understatement.

A singer/songwriter Astrid has been a professional musician for decades but has also penned a memoir made a short film and is a certified wine sommelier.

Born and raised in Toronto Astrid  moved to California in the mid 1980s where she played in a number of bands and made a lot of records.

“I toured quite a bit down there with some bigger acts and basically got myself ensconced in the music industry” she said.

It was also during her time in California t hat Astrid developed a deep appreciation for wine trading Los Angeles for Napa Valley and instruments for grapes.

Astrid however returned to Canada in 2002 to help with her ailing father and transitioned from wine country in the USA to Prince Edward County.

“When I moved to the county coming from Napa Valley and being in the wine business it was interesting because at the time there was only four wineries here” she said. “Since then from four wineries in 2002 there’s like 43 now … it’s pretty amazing to see it grow up around me.”

Astrid admits music has always been her first love playing professionally since the age of 12.

The daughter of Canadian journalist Scott Young and half-sister of musician Neil Young Astrid was encouraged to follow her dreams.

“Based on his success neither of my parents could tell me that it couldn’t be done” she said. “Which is the case of a lot of parents growing up trying to talk their kids out of being a musician.”

Astrid has recorded with her brother on several of his albums along with other musicians such as Lee Harvey Osmond.

Enrolled in music lessons since she was a toddler Astrid says it was always something that came naturally to her.

“It’s not something that I had to choose it kind of chose me in a way” she said.

The musician is currently on tour promoting her latest album One Night At Giant Rock released last year. Described as a style of folk Astrid admits the record includes many genres.

“Really this record was supposed to be the sum total of everything I’ve done in my life” she said. “I’ve played on everything for country records to heavy metal … I have such a great love for all different styles of music … I really can’t pigeon hole myself into one genre.”

Playing a 12-string guitar Astrid says her style is not your typical singer/songwriter folk sound and uses the term “acid folk” to more aptly describe it explaining it has a harder edge to it.

The singer says her style comes from her range of musical influences which include Kate Bush and Black Sabbath.

Astrid will be playing in Minden with her band and is looking forward to playing in the area for the first time. Bandmates include Matthew Davies (her cousin) on guitar Matthew King on bass and guitar and Dan Cornelius on drums.

The performance will take place at The Dominion Hotel on Friday Sept. 18 at 7:30 p.m. For tickets visit www.dominionhotelpub.ca.