/Author releases The Best Present Ever 
Irene Davidson-Fisher holds a copy of her newest children's book The Best Present Ever. She will be signing copies at Wintergreen Dec. 10 16 and 17. /Photo submitted

Author releases The Best Present Ever 

By Nate Smelle

Published Dec. 7 2017

Just in time for Christmas local author Irene Davidson-Fisher has released her latest book entitled The Best Present Ever .

The book tells the story of a young girl named Elizabeth who becomes confused about all the Santas she sees.

She begins asking herself questions such as: Why are there so many Santas? Is Santa real? Where does he live? Why does Elsa call Santa Claus Kris Kringle?

Drawing her own conclusions from a story her grandma tells her Elizabeth learns that Christmas is more about giving than receiving. Davidson-Fisher said she decided to write the book to expand the meaning of Christmas in the hearts and homes of children between the ages of seven- and 10-years-old and their parents.

Before coming up with the idea to write the book she said she would tell her children and grandchildren a similar story when they asked questions about the existence of Santa Claus.

Davidson-Fisher first began writing the story in 2012 and has continued working on it off and on over the past five years.

She said the book was ready to go to the publisher last year however she missed the Christmas marketing season while adding a number of changes she wanted to make to the story.

“For the past year I have been tweaking it and bringing it to life” said Davidson-Fisher.

“I must admit I was concerned I wouldn’t get it for this Christmas but fortunately I received it just in the nick of time.”

Adding another dimension to the Christmas story are the illustrations by Andrea Por which help bring the author’s characters to life.

Por was also the illustrator for Davidson-Fisher’s first children’s book Robbie Raccoon and the Big Black Blob.

Davidson-Fisher said her illustrations add a visual interpretation as well as a depth of emotion to the story.

“Rather than describing characters in a children’s book it is much better to have illustrations to engage their imagination and provide them with both a visual and oral experience” she said.

When Por finished the illustrations for The Best Present Ever in 2016 and began working on another project Davidson-Fisher asked her husband Stan Fisher to step in and assist with a few changes requested by the publisher.

He was then able to electronically manipulate the images and make the necessary alterations.

“I am very fortunate that my husband Stan is in my mind a computer genius” she said.

If there is one lesson Davidson-Fisher hopes her readers will take away from the story she said it would be to understand that Santa Claus is real because he lives in each of us.

“I hope my book will help children to understand that generosity comes from within and that it is a special gift to be treasured and when given to others it is The Best Present Ever ” Davidson-Fisher said.

Davidson-Fisher will be signing copies of her latest book at Wintergreen Maple Syrup and Pancake Barn in Minden on Sunday Dec. 10 Saturday Dec. 16 and Sunday Dec. 17.

Now that she has wrapped up The Best Present Ever the author has already started working on her third children’s book Treasures From The Deep. Davidson-Fisher’s books are currently available for purchase online at: Amazon Barnes and Noble Indigo and other e-stores worldwide.