/Bob Lake boat launch approved 

Bob Lake boat launch approved 

By Chad Ingram

Published Oct. 5 2017

The following are brief reports from items discussed during a Sept. 28 meeting of Minden Hills council.

Council approved a zoning change that will allow a group of residents to construct a boat launch on a property along the narrows at Bob Lake south of Minden.

The two-hectare property had been zoned shoreline residential but has been rezoned site-specific open space exception 10.

The launch will be used by 15 families.

Last year the owner of the Bob Lake property that houses a long-used boat launch barricaded the launch to the public.

For many years there was a misunderstanding including by Minden Hills township that the launch was publicly owned.

The township will purchase a local community general liability policy providing $5 million in coverage for low-risk community groups that wish to use township facilities for events.

While groups have been required to carry $2 million worth of liability insurance in the past in more recent years that amount has been raised to $5 million.

Council has noted that carrying a $5 million insurance policy is not feasible for many local groups and this general liability policy will cover such groups under the municipality’s insurance.

The extra cost is approximately $2500 per year.