/Boshkung Social gets people talking
Boshkung Social staff Quinn Schell Scot Curry and Victoria Chaulk have been kept busy at the Minden location since the brewpub opened on Canada Day. /SUE TIFFIN Staff

Boshkung Social gets people talking

By Sue Tiffin

Published July 13 2017

Water Street in Minden was abuzz even before Canada Day celebrations there began when staff at Boshkung Brewing Co. were working hard to open their new location Boshkung Social.

“It was madness for sure” said Scot Curry venue manager. “Everything came together.”

Builders from Mill House Design helped put the brewpub’s patio together in time for Boshkung Social’s Canada Day opening and that patio has been packed ever since.

“It’s been very steady” said Curry. “The community has really supported us and it was very busy on opening weekend.”

The crowds didn’t stay away after the long weekend with the space often being filled from the afternoon on throughout the week.

Curry said the Boshkung team changed gears on the concept creating a brewpub from what was originally going to be a brewery but for space at the old location of the Beer Store.

“The original plan was that we were going to open a full-service manufacturing facility there” said Terri Mathews-Carl who owns Boshkung Brewing Co. with her husband Christoph. “Realistically when it came down to it there just isn’t the space for the system we envisioned.”

Instead the Boshkung Brewing Co. team created the downtown brewpub that has fully-accessible indoor and outdoor space. The business now offers everything from merchandise to pints and cans of Boshkung Brewing Co. craft beer and rotating shared favourites from other craft breweries including Haliburton Highlands Brewing as well as cocktails VQA wines and Ontario cider. Catered food from Rhubarb restaurant is on offer and though takeaway cans aren’t available they can be purchased at the neighbouring LCBO or the nearby Beer Store. Growlers can also be purchased at the flagship Carnarvon location.

Mathews-Carl said they’ll continue looking in the area for a bigger space for a full-service facility but that the Minden location is there to stay opening on weekends from Thursday to Sunday throughout the winter months. Live music afternoons have begun and board game nights as well as Tuesday night Canoe Bingo gatherings are being planned.

“Now that we have some time to breathe we’ll be figuring out some fun things to do” said Curry.

Staff at the second location largely comes from the original Carnarvon brewery so they’re familiar to returning guests and Mathews-Carl also noted the fun atmosphere of the space itself.

“It’s a really relaxed fun atmosphere to get a bite to eat and a few drinks” she said.

She said the spot next to the Gull River allows guests to watch swimmers and paddlers floating through the water and also that many people have noticed the wall murals saved after the sale of the Beer Store on the building for the first time.

“They’re fantastic” she said. “People really enjoy looking at them.”

Boshkung Social Boshkung Brewing Co.’s Minden location at 20 Water Street is open from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. from Sunday to Wednesday and from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. from Thursday to Saturday.

Guests can call ahead at 705-489-4554 or visit the website at boshkungbrewing.com for more details.