/Council compensation under review

Council compensation under review

By Chad Ingram

A pay equity and compensation review for Algonquin Highlands staff will also entail one for members of council.

Councillors received a report regarding the review during an April 15 online meeting.

“As a public sector employer, the  Pay Equity Act requires the township to demonstrate  that pay equity has been achieved and maintained,” read the report, prepared by chief administrative officer Angie Bird. “The township has maintained the compensation program since 2006 and salary grid adjustments  have been made  periodically to remain competitive in the market. Reviews were then completed in 2011 and 2016 in accordance with legislative requirements.”

The township received four bids from firms to conduct the review, and council agreed to award to the contract to the lowest bidder, Gallagher Benefit Services Group, which has also done previous work for the township, for just more than $17,000, plus applicable taxes. As an option, the company had also agreed to conduct a review of council pay equity and compensation for approximately $4,500, plus taxes.

Council agreed that a review for councillors would also be conducted, and that any suggested changes to remuneration not be implemented until the next council term, which will begin in late 2022.
“I think that indicates fairness, and that we’re looking out for the position, not for ourselves,” said Mayor Carol Moffatt.

Municipal council positions in Haliburton County are considered part-time.
“It’s not apples to apples,” Moffatt said, of the work councillors do, adding that unlike staff positions, there is no job description, or specific expectations. “Councillors all bring something different to the table.”

The mayor in Algonquin Highlands is paid just more than $32, 800 in remuneration; the deputy mayor (who is also a ward councillor) approximately $26,250; and ward councillors just more than $22,000.