/County Sears stores to close 

County Sears stores to close 

By Chad Ingram

Published Oct. 12 2017

The Sears stores in Haliburton County areclosing in the wake of the retailer's announcement this week that it will shutits remaining locations and liquidate its inventory.

Sears Canada announced Tuesday Oct. 10 itwas seeking court permission to liquidate about 130 remaining stores and theirmerchandise across the country. In June the chain announced the closure of 59stores and was granted protection from its creditors. Its stocks were alsohalted as the company planned a restructuring.

However it became clear this week thelongstanding chain will close its doors.

Both the Sears store in Haliburton Villageand the Sears catalogue depot in Minden will shut down.

Adrian Vargas owner of the Sears store inHaliburton said he received a conference call on Oct. 10 the day the nationalannouncement was made.

“They basically stated that Sears is goingout of business” said Vargas who has operated the business for the past fouryears. “We're liquidating everything as of Oct. 19.”

Vargas said the store may close for a fewdays ahead of that date to prepare for the liquidation the nationwide periodfor which could last up to 14 weeks.

As for what Vargas who owns the buildingalong Highway 118 will do next he's not yet sure.

“Right now we're just looking at all theoptions” he said.

Vargas thanked his customers and expressedapology.

“The bottom line it's come down to is wewant to say sorry it's happening to all our customers and friends” he said.“We're saying sorry to the public and to our customers.”

In Minden Rawnie Moore who's run thecatalogue depot for more than 13 years told the paper she received an emailfrom Sears with the news.

“I got an email just telling me . . . sosad but it looks like we're closing” Moore said.

As for how the closure of catalogue pickupcentres would work “they really don't have any details on that yet” Mooresaid but indicated she didn't believe the depots would be involved in theliquidation sale so therefore probably closing as of Oct. 19.

“None of my customers will be affected”Moore said. She said returns and repairs for appliances are typically handledthrough the manufacturer.

Four months ago Moore started a usedfurniture shop in part of the building she owns along Bobcaygeon Road. Betweenthe shop renting out some space and perhaps acting as a depot for somethingelse she told the paper she would be fine.

“It was a fantastic business” she said ofrunning the Sears depot. “I'm not really worried as much as I am sad.”

Sears Canada began as Simpsons-Sears inthe early 1950s a partnership between the Canadian department store chainSimpsons and the American company Sears Roebuck and Co.

About 12000 people nationwide will losetheir jobs in the closures.