/Fire destroys South Lake home 

Fire destroys South Lake home 

By Chad Ingram

A Minden family has lost their home and apet after a fire destroyed a house on South Lake on Jan. 12.

Minden Hills fire chief Doug Schell saidthe department got the first call regarding the blaze in the Whispering Pinesneighbourhood off Hamilton Road at approximately 1:45 p.m.

“It came in as a fully engulfed cottagefire” Schell said.

There were also explosions which castdebris around the area.

Any time a fire involves an explosionthere is a requirement for the fire marshal's office to be called.

However in this case the explosions werenot the cause of the blaze.

“It was determined the explosions weresecondary to the main fire” Schell said explaining the fire had causedpropane tanks located outside to combust.

Schell said the final report on the firehad not been completed and the cause of the fire was not yet known.

“It could have been a number of things” hesaid.

Fourteen Minden Hills firefighters andmembers of the department from Dysart et al attended the scene some remainingthere overnight.

While no one was home at the time of thefire it did claim the life of the family's dog.

The family's daughter living and workingin Alberta started a fundraising campaign on crowd-sourcing websitegofundme.com to help her family get through the days following the fire.

“As of now a lot of you know my familylost our home in Minden Ontario yesterday” she wrote on the fundraisingpage. “Everyone was out of thehouse at work and school but we lost our childhood dog Prince. Along withlosing our furry best friend my teenage brothers lost all their clothespersonal medals rings and certificates football and skiing equipment alongwith many every day essentials. My Mom and Dad have no work clothes winterwear any of their everyday essentials. But other than our dog they are mostupset about the photos and family memories they will never be able to get back.My mom just recently made dad a book for his 40th of all our family photos itwas lost in the fire along with our computers and hard drives. Luckily thewebsite still has the book avaible to buy again. The money we raise will begoing to help buy back some of those family memories and help support themgetting back on their feet.”

Within days the fundraising goal was metand the page shut down.

“Thank you so very much to everyone whodonated money clothes and time” the family's daughter wrote. “We are sograteful to have such loving friends and family. I am shutting down the go fundme page as we have gone over our goal already! I am ordering the family photobook tonight and the rest of the money will go towards clothes and everydaynecessities. Thank you again!”

Another lakefront residence near Coboconkwas destroyed by fire about a week prior. In that case a propane explosion wasresponsible for the fire.

Schell recommends residents have theirheating systems checked out before the start of the winter season each year.

“Have a professional come in check itclean it every year” he said.