/Five years left for Hawk landfill: report

Five years left for Hawk landfill: report

The following are brief reports of items discussed during a March 3 Algonquin Highlands council meeting.

An annual report on the landfill along Little Hawk Lake Road shows the waste disposal facility has approximately five years left before the municipality will have to close it.

“The volume of waste and cover material disposed at the site in 2015 was calculated to be approximately 270 cubic metres” the report reads. “This results in a remaining site capacity of 2590 metres and remaining site life of approximately five years.”

A large expansion of the township’s landfill near Maple Lake was approved by the Ministry of Environment in 2013.

Extension for subdivision

Councillors granted a one-year extension for a subdivision being constructed along the Kennisis River.

The subdivision was initially draft approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs in 1992 but that approval did not come with a lapsing date.

Algonquin Highlands council approved a revised version of the subdivision plan in 2013 reduced from the original 21 lots to 17 as well as five blocks of non-residential property.

The lapsing date for fulfilling the conditions of the draft approval was set for April 26 2016.

A letter to Algonquin Highlands from planner Greg Bishop on behalf of clients reads “We are in a position to meet many of the conditions at this point in time but our biggest hurdle over the past two and half years was dealing with the Ministry of Natural Resources to have the small portion of land currently owned by the Crown surveyed and patented for transfer to the township. Even though our plan was registered in 2014 they have now just finally given us word that they were preparing the document for the patenting of the lands. Without this key element there was no sense in pursuing any of the other conditions as the whole process would have failed.”

Council granted the one-year extension.

“It’s an opportunity for growth” said Deputy-reeve Liz Danielsen.