/Free wood: Minden’s lumber reuse program

Free wood: Minden’s lumber reuse program

by Thomas Smith

The Lumber Reuse Program at the Scotch Line Landfill started in late October of 2023.

A large amount of high quality, usable lumber was being shipped out of the Scotch Line landfill.  The township was fronting the coin to ship off all of its construction materials to an offsite location.

Several residents have only recently learned about this program, including local resident Ashley Smith.

“It’s a great program,” says Smith. “Not a lot of people know about it, but I think we ought to spread the word.”

While the program was started in late October, Minden Hills says they have not implemented the program for long enough to give an exact number of tonnage of lumber diverted from the landfill.

“It will largely gain success in the summer months,” explains Chelsea Cosh, Manager of Waste Facilities of MInden Hills. “It’s too early to be able to tell.”

There are no fees for residents or contractors that drop off reusable lumber, clear of any hazardous materials including any hardware such as screws and staples. Railway ties are one example of wood that is too heavily treated for the reuse program.

“A lot of the contractors think that this is a great idea,” says Cosh. “Lumber that is in great shape won’t be tossed away.”

The lumber reuse program is one that is in place indefinitely, assured Cosh.

“We hope to enhance it and track the successes it is going to bring,” says Cosh. “If we can assist the community by reusing this and saving money, it is an all around win to be able to implement the program.”

There are no plans to implement fees for residents or contractors that take the time to donate clean lumber that is free from any hardware or contaminants.

While many contractors have already started participating in this program, the residents of Minden Hills are encouraged to also take the time to remove any objects from reusable lumber and donate it to the lumber reuse program.

“It’s great that many people have been enthusiastic and interested in the program,” says Cosh.

“It’s a really great program,” says Smith. “If I have any little projects that I want to work on, or need only a couple pieces of wood for finishing projects around the house, I will come to Scotch Line before spending all that money on wood.”

In addition to saving costs, many residents are excited that they are reducing their environmental impact and diverting the amount of materials that end up in landfills.

While flyers and other advertisements try to spread the information about the lumber reuse program, it is encouraged for you as residents to spread the news of the lumber reuse program by word of mouth.

If you, or anyone you know could use lumber for a variety of reasons, or if you know someone that has clean usable lumber they would like to donate, let them know about the lumber reuse program at the Scotch Line landfill.