/Historical plaques on the way

Historical plaques on the way

By Jenn Watt

Published Dec. 28 2017

Three historical plaques have been planned for Algonquin Highlands cultural resources committee representative Jim Blake told council on Dec. 14.

The plaques will be installed at the Stanhope museum (where council chambers were once housed) the Dorset community centre (a former jail and community hall) and the Oxtongue Lake Community Centre (a former school SS No. 2).
“One of the ways for people to enjoy those stories is through our museums but it’s also having interpretive plaques in different places which actually tell the story of what was there and get people interested in the area” he said.
Blake appeared before council to give updates on the committee’s activities over the last year and to put in a request for $2500 in next year’s budget for the signage and the continued work of the committee.

He also asked that Algonquin Highlands consider purchasing a digital sign to be installed in front of the Stanhope Firefighters Community Hall. The committee put in the request last year but were too late for budget discussions.

“We’re putting the recommendation forward again. Why not? We don’t see it for just the community hall it can be for the municipality as well and we’re asking if that isn’t possible in this year’s budget could you please spend a little bit of money and get some S’s for the sign? Get some new letters?” Blake asked.

Financial items will be considered during the municipality’s budget process.