/Kudos for Cavanagh from council 
Mike Cavanagh has been fire chief in Algonquin Highlands for the past five and a half years. Cavanagh is leaving the township to take a job as deputy chief for Peterborough's fire department. /CHAD INGRAM Staff

Kudos for Cavanagh from council 

By Chad Ingram

Algonquin Highlands councillors had kind words for departing fire chief Mike Cavanagh as he gave a final report to council during a Jan. 16 meeting.

Cavanagh is resigning from the township taking a position as deputy chief of Peterborough’s fire department. He’s been fire chief in Algonquin Highlands for the past five and half years.

“Our loss is their gain” said Mayor Carol Moffatt. “You certainly made your imprint on our fire service tri-services emergency management . . . And I think you have developed an enviable reputation and you’re highly respected in the community.”

“I think I speak for everybody by saying thank you for being who you are and what you brought to Algonquin Highlands” Moffatt said.

“You’ve been great to work with and you have done a lot to bring fire services together emergency measures planning training across the county” said Deputy Mayor and County Warden Liz Danielsen.

“Thank you for those kinds words” Cavanagh said thanking council for taking a chance on him and allowing him to lead the township’s fire service. “I have made a lot of good friends here and I think we have accomplished a lot and I think our accomplishments or my accomplishments are directly related to the support that I’ve had from you as council as a whole. And you have a great fire service and they’re going to continue to do great things. They’re on a great path.”

Cavanagh’s last day with the township is this week and Algonquin Highlands has been accepting resumes in search of his successor.