/Listening to the needs of Minden – Beauty Basics steps up
The Beauty Basics team is excited that they have expanded their space and services, now located at 101 Bobcaygeon Road. /photo submitted

Listening to the needs of Minden – Beauty Basics steps up

By Emily Stonehouse

For Amy Joanu, it’s all about listening. 

The owner of Beauty Basics and winner of entrepreneur of the year from the Chamber of Commerce awards last year, Joanu has her heart and soul set on making Minden sparkle. 

Beauty Basics by Amy opened up in 2016, from a dream Joanu had while her children were young. Her husband was working away from home, and she decided she wanted a shift in her lifestyle. So she gave up everything she had to focus on her dream. 

What started as a small shop in her basement, eventually grew into a brick and mortar business in Minden. And while Joanu and her team were grateful for the space and the community support, they noted that it felt they had outgrown the building by the second year. 

“We wanted everything you could get in the city, without ever having to leave Minden,” Joanu told the Times. This includes manicures and pedicures, waxing, teeth whitening, ear piercing, botox, eyebrows, eyelashes, and more. “We aren’t really a traditional spa,” said Joanu, “we are aiming to create an environment that is modern, laid-back, and a space where everyone feels welcome.” 

Making people feel seen and heard is an ongoing priority for the Beauty Basics team, so much so that they regularly venture out into the Minden community to make connections, and explore opportunities for collaboration with local businesses. This was how they stumbled upon the building that their business now resides in, at 101 Bobcaygeon Road. 

Two years ago, Joanu was visiting local businesses in downtown Minden before stopping into the shop, Northern High, which was housed next to the Village Green. She said she instantly fell in love with the space, and admired the work the owners had put into the building. 

Fast forward a few years, and the space became available. Joanu knew she had to jump on the opportunity. With the new space, Joanu shared that the opportunity to grow is endless. “Now, there’s potential for absolutely anything,” she said. 

The building boasts double the square footage that her previous location held, and with this newfound space, Joanu has explored additional ways to collaborate with local businesses, and offer services that the community is looking for. “It’s all about listening,” she said. “You listen to what people want and you listen to what people need, and you take that into consideration. We heard what people were looking for, and we understood the assignment.” 

Currently, Beauty Basics employs 10 women, all of whom live in the Haliburton County region. “I love giving women a chance to spread their wings,” said Joanu, who shared that she is passionate about supporting female-run businesses, and hopes to include more services and offerings from women in the wellness industry to collaborate in the new location. 

“I’m passionate about Minden,” said Joanu, who has grown up in the community, and is now raising her own family here, “I really think that we can’t just complain, we need to help Minden progress and evolve, and we always have to be listening.” 
The new Beauty Basics location is at 101 Bobcaygeon Road, right beside the Village Green. For more information, visit www.beautybasicsbyamy.ca.