/Litwin Rotary Club pres for second time
Rotarian Lynda Litwin is president of the Minden club for the second time. /GRACE OBORNE Staff

Litwin Rotary Club pres for second time

By Grace Oborne

After five years, Lynda Litwin returns as president of the Rotary Club for the Minden branch.
“It’s a privilege and an honour to have the opportunity to lead Rotary again. It’s really just a great opportunity to lead the club and to do things within the community,” said Litwin

With the support of one another, the members of the Minden Rotary Club are responsible for various large contributions to the community. One is the volunteer co-ordination of the COVID-19 vaccination centre located at the S.G Nesbitt Arena in Minden.
“The Regional Health Unit team leader that was coordinating the sites contacted me and said ‘will you be the leader to organize volunteers?’ And I said, ‘No, but Rotary will.’ We have a Rotarian who’s taken on that project by leading it on behalf of rotary, but the other members are standing behind her, supporting her, and trying to help her,” said Litwin

The Minden Rotary Club locally raises money for numerous projects as well. These funds are raised through different events such as their annual charity road toll that takes place Labor Day weekend.
In 2016, Litwin last served as president of the Minden branch. Now, she reflects on the contrasts of both her times as president. With COVID-19 still at close range, there are many challenges Litwin will have to assess that she didn’t before.
“It will be interesting because we have four new members, and we had a new member join us within the last six months, but we haven’t met in person. It will be interesting and neat to just watch the dynamics of the club with the few new members,” she said.

The Minden Rotary Club gathers for different committee meetings. However, they usually gather every Monday for a dinner meeting. Since the pandemic, that has changed.
“The huge challenge is gauging the members’ readiness to meet in person again. Last time I was president, we were meeting every week. Every Monday night was our meeting, and it was a dinner at Mark’s Restaurant. Now with COVID, we started Zooming and at some point we decided to meet every other week.”
Litwin’s goal is always to grow the club. With the club currently at 19 members, Litwin feels that it projects a family-like dynamic.

“Certainly, our focus is to always to grow the club. I call it the Rotary family, and there is a family feel that you get when you’re part of the club. It’s a very nice inclusive feel, to be part of that, and in some ways you see each other more than you see extended family,” said Litwin.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a member of the Minden Rotary Club, or looking for more information can visit www.mindenrotary.ca or can contact Litwin at 705-457-8511.