/MH brings some landfill work in-house 

MH brings some landfill work in-house 

By Chad Ingram

Councillors granted pre-budget approval for the rental of a roll-off truck – used for the transportation of dumpsters –  that will allow the township to perform some of its own waste haulage for a six-month trial.

The township will enter into a contract with Canada’s Big Truck Rental to rent one of the vehicles for six months. With a monthly rate of $6600 plus HST the rental will cost approximately $45000.

Minden Hills owns and operates three transfer stations and previously a contractor has been paid to transport bins from the transfer stations to the Scotch Line landfill. Garbutt Disposal has historically performed this work.

“The township also pays contractors to haul construction/demolition material mattresses and furniture from the Scotch Line landfill site to alternative locations for recycling and disposal” reads a report from public works director Travis Wilson. “The total contract cost of these hauling operations is approximately $110000. Recent restructuring of the public works department resulted in a full-time operator being dedicated to the township’s landfills in order to reduce contractor costs and improve efficiencies in site management in order to remain in compliance with the requirements of the applicable ECAs (environmental compliance approvals).”

According to Wilson’s report it’s anticipated the pilot project could save as much as $55000.

“During the same period there is a potential to avoid $55000 in contract costs (household waste haulage staging bins switches recycle haulage etc.) and provide meaningful work for staff currently employed by the township” his report read.

The money for the rental was included in the 2020 landfill budget.