/MH pitches in on Bob Lake consultation costs

MH pitches in on Bob Lake consultation costs

By Chad Ingram   The Township of Minden Hills will provide up to $5,000 to the Bob Lake Association for legal consulting costs regarding a proposal for a new boat launch on the lake.   The boat launch at Bob Lake was mistakenly advertised by Minden Hills township as a public launch for years. It was only when the property owner barricaded the launch property in the summer of 2015 that it became evident to the community the launch had always been privately owned.
Residents of the lake have been seeking a solution since.   During an Aug. 31 meeting, councillors received a letter from the Bob Lake Association requesting the township cover approximately $10,000 for legal consultation costs for a proposed boat launch at the end of Claude Brown Road.
Councillor agreed the township would cover up to half that amount, and no more.   “They figure it’s about $10,000, if I were to make a recommendation, it would be that we would pay up to 50 per cent, up to $5,000, to move this from a perspective of good will, to move this to the next level,” said Councillor Bob Carter.
Other members of council agreed with Carter’s suggestion, with Councillor Jean Neville making it clear she would not support the township paying the construction costs for a launch.
“I’m certainly not in favour of the municipality footing a $300,000 bill to serve a few boaters on Bob Lake,” Neville said.   “I’m willing to split the cost with them to take it to the next level,” said Mayor Brent Devolin of the legal consultation costs.   Deputy Mayor Lisa Schell said she also agreed on splitting the legal costs, but also noted that the township would have to take into account residents of Claude Brown Road were a proposal to move forward. Schell said she didn’t want to anger residents of the road in the act of appeasing residents of Bob Lake.
“I’m willing to put the $5,000 out to get the information and once and for all put this to bed, one way or the other,” Schell said.