/Minden landmark comes down 
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Minden landmark comes down 

By Chad Ingram

Published  Sept. 15 2016

Minden is without one of its long-time landmarks after the large orange barn at the corner of Highway 35 and County Road 21 was demolished last week.

While many residents will know the barn as part of Norm Mills’s auction business fewer may know the building was originally the Minden arena and was once located in the heart of the village.
Constructed in 1949 the arena was located where the Minden Hills township office and parking lot are today.
The building was moved to its Highway 35 location in the early 1970s purchased by Clare and Dorothy Walker the parents of Minden Hills Deputy-reeve Cheryl Murdoch who owned Walker's Lumber.
“My dad bought it took it apart and rebuilt it” Murdoch says explaining Clare had a number of carpenters and other workers on his staff.
At its location along Highway 35 the building would continue to operate as part of Walker’s Lumber until Mills bought the property in 1982.
The property is currently for sale.