/New members keep CARP going 
Haliburton CARP chapter president Bob Stinson speaks to the audience at this year's AGM at the Haliburton Legion on April 30. Several members of the audience chose to stand for election to the board of directors relieving fears that the chapter might fold. JENN WATT Staff

New members keep CARP going 

By Jenn Watt

Published May 2 2017

For a moment it seemed the Haliburton CARP chapter was in real trouble.

Standing at the front of the Legion executive members warned the assembled audience at the annual general meeting on Sunday afternoon that if a few more people didn’t step forward to join the board they might have to disband.
“We do need some new blood” said Elaine Schmid treasurer for the chapter.
A chilling idea for a group that just a few years ago was lauded for being the fastest growing chapter in Canada.
Nomination chair George Schmidt echoed those sentiments.
“The chapter needs help. To make it work we need participation” he said.
That threat hung in the air for a couple of worrisome moments before the hands started shooting up one after another until a full complement was found.

CARP has been working on several initiatives over the last year including seeking funding for a Cyber Seniors project which would pair seniors with young people who are familiar with technology. The initiative would teach seniors how to use social media tools.
A financial report from CARP shows a closing balance last year of $2354. Between sponsorship donations AGM ticket sales and membership royalties from head office the chapter had about $2710 to spend and had expenses of $2815. They came into the year with nearly $2500 in the bank. By far their biggest expense is the AGM which cost $1314 in 2016.

The coming year includes greater spending but also greater income. The executive hopes some $7550 will be received in grant money for Cyber Seniors which would increase revenue to $10100. Expenses are more than that at $10725 but heading into the year with a surplus they’d still have money in the bank at year’s end.

The AGM also featured a presentation by Yvonne Heath author of Love Your Life to Death. She spoke about the importance of tackling end of life decisions and grief head-on despite the uncomfortable situations and tears it could cause.
Her talk which featured props and plenty of funny moments encouraged audience members to “just show up” for people in the throes of grief and to begin end of life planning now – instead of waiting for an illness.
Heath is hoping to do a TED Talk a popular online lecture series and has honed her message into seven easy take-away messages.