/Off-road vehicle through ice on Boshkung 

Off-road vehicle through ice on Boshkung 

On Feb.2  at approximately 9:20 p.m. officers from the Haliburton Highlands detachment of the OPP with the assistance of the Algonquin Highlands fire department and Haliburton County Paramedic Services responded to a call pertaining to a side-by-side vehicle that had gone through the ice on Boshkung Lake in the Township of Algonquin Highlands.

The male driver and the three male passengers that had entered the water were able to extricate themselves and made their way towards shore prior to emergency services arrival. Upon speaking with the 35 year-old male driver officers had determined he had been consuming alcohol. A day-day driver's licence suspension was served following a warn range result at the road side test. No injuries were reported.

The Haliburton Highlands OPP would like to remind the public to never drive impaired. Alcohol illegal drugs even prescription and over the counter drugs can slow your reaction time and affect your ability to make good decisions. If convicted of impaired driving on a snowmobile you will lose your driving privileges for all types of vehicles including motor vehicles commercial vehicles and motorcycles.

– Submitted by the OPP