/Online fitness class benefits students and teachers 
Darby Bailey follows along with instructor Meghan Reid of Just Movement Fitness during an online session. /DARREN LUM Staff

Online fitness class benefits students and teachers 

By Darren Lum

Fitness class was like any other except for one electronic twist.Instead of everyone coming to the Minden studio to see Meghan Reid ofJust Movement Fitness several of her students went online watching her on their computers as they curled soup cans in their dining rooms using Zoom Cloud Meeting app an online video conferencing program.

Thisis the current reality facing many people looking to get a sweat on asmore and more actions restrict movement to reduce the spread of thecoronavirus.
Reid who started her online classes a little more than a week ago said she wanted to continue to offer her classes andencourage social distancing.

“I can’t in good conscience open mystudio to the people of our community when this is a place for people to feel safe healthy and fit. I have a lot of clients who depend on ourspace for their well being including senior clients that are at higherrisk should we have a community outbreak… It’s my role to make sure we keep our space safe for everyone in the future. This is what promptedme to attempt offering my training online – for them to continue to stay active and healthy but from the security of their own home” she wrote in an email.
She said there has been a learning curve due to her lack of expertise in online instruction and audio/video equipment.
“I’ve never broadcasted online before so for now I’m hoping that my good‘ol [Mac computer] will do the trick to get us through this time frameuntil I’m able to acquire the proper tools to stay online for peoplewishing to use my services from home” she wrote.

Although she didn’t have any intention of offering classes beyond her current clienteleshe has been receiving interest after posting to social media aboutgoing online from family and friends. It’s given her motivation toexpand her service. Go to Just Movement Fitness’s Facebook page text or call 705-455-7270 or go to www.justmovemenfitness.com for details.

Online training is not just good for people interested in staying fit duringthis time of isolation but also for fitness trainers interested in anew life.

Point for Fitness’s Laurie Sweig who is a fitness trainerand Times columnist has been giving instruction online to her clientsfor three years and started because she wanted to be able to move to the  Haliburton Highlands.
Sweig said she closed her fitness studiolocated in Ottawa and started the transition to offering online services back in December 2016. All of her workout sessions with clients areonline.
With more people working from home due to physicaldistancing rules to reduce the spread of coronavirus Sweig has noticedthat clients are discovering additional benefits of online workouts.
“They had already loved the fact that they could workout in their homecottages etc. Now for some in addition to being a workout it’ssocial connection in a somewhat boring day” she wrote in an email.“Conversations are about keeping safe and healthy during this time. Allare grateful for not experiencing an interruption to their workoutschedule.”

Safety of clients working out internet connectivity andoffering substitute sessions if someone misses one are some of thechallenges teaching online presents.
Sweig adds all the sessions she performs are one-on-one or limited to one household with couples or parents with children.
“So far there have been a couple of existing clients adding another workout to their schedule. I made the choice not to increase marketing for theonline service during this time. I believe people will find their way to me if/when they need to” she wrote.