/Photographer’s work showcased in book
The late-Glenn Springer, who used to live on 12-Mile Lake has his work featured in the the book Glenn Springer Anthology. The self-published book was produced by Springer’s good friend Ron Goodlin. Submitted by Ron Goodlin

Photographer’s work showcased in book

By Darren Lum

Photographer, instructor and lover of life, Glenn Springer was known for his passions.

Springer, a prolific photographer and past contributor to the Haliburton Echo and Minden Times, captured life and appreciated the connections he made with people. 

It’s been more than a year since Springer, a former Twelve Mile Lake resident died from a recurrence of cancer in March 2020. His photos have been organized into a book, Glenn Springer Anthology which was created by his good friend and photographer Ron Goodlin.

The book, featuring 275 photos and accompanying captions, is a legacy to Springer.

“Glenn was an incredible artist, a pioneer in artistic manipulation of digital images to create unique artistic showpieces. This book shows the metamorphosis of his work from the ordinary to the magnificent. Glenn should be remembered not only for being a fabulous photographer and artist, but because he was truly one of those wonderful affable people who touched so many of us with his kindness, generosity, creativity and love of sharing and teaching,” Goodlin wrote in an email message.

Goodlin spent a period of several months working through Springer’s thousands of images down to what appears in the book, which depict life around the Highlands where he lived for close to 15 years, and from his travels, including Newfoundland. It’s expected to be presented to the Haliburton School of Art + Design soon.

“Glenn asked me to help curate his collection of images for his family to remember him by, while curating these images the thought struck me that most people never look at all those images hidden away in the depths of our computer memory banks and so I decided to create a book for his family to enjoy,” wrote Goodlin.

Springer founded the Haliburton Highlands Camera Club (highlandscameraclub.ca) with the help of Fred Pyziak in December 2013. Its objective was to assist photographers of all skill levels to develop their skills, but it also served to bring together people to share in the love and passion for photography.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a copy of Glenn Springer Anthology, they can contact Goodlin at ron@mooseinacanoe.com and a book can be printed for them.