/Plans for new public works garage 

Plans for new public works garage 

Plans for new public works garage 

By Chad Ingram
The following are brief reports of items discussed during an Aug. 15 Algonquin Highlands council meeting.

Highlands council is planning for the construction of a new public
works garage with office space off of North Shore Road. 

heard a presentation from Frank Palmay of Tulloch Engineering regarding
the project. Staff are recommending the  construction of a
single-storey building containing office space and two drive-through
bays, along with paved parking space for 14 vehicles. The project has an
anticipated price tag of approximately $1.3 million, however,
councillors indicated they would also like to explore the construction
of ground-mounted solar panels at the site, or at least design the
project to allow for their installation in the future, and a subsequent
staff report regarding that will come back to the council table. 
plan is for the building to be constructed near a sand pit along North
Shore Road. The project will require significant site work. 
site is not even remotely flat right now,” Palmay said, adding that
excavation costs were estimated at about $130,000. Total site works are
expected to cost $555,000.  
“We’ve been talking about the
deficiencies of the building next door for years,” said Mayor Carol
Moffatt, referring to an aging public works garage along North Shore
Road. Moffatt said the plan is to borrow the funds for the project. 
are proposing to borrow money, and there’s definitely a levy increase
attached to that,” she said, adding it made sense to take time and get
the project right.
A further report will come back to council.

No funding for road repairs 

Highlands has once again been turned down for grant funding for repairs
to North Shore Road. The township was unsuccessful in a grant
application for nearly $500,000 to the Ontario Community Infrastructure
Fund to help with repairs to the road between St. Peter’s Road and
Airport Road.  
have contacted the ministry and asked for an update on where we fell
short,” public works director Adam Thorn told councillors. 
total cost of the work is more than $740,000, and Thorn said he wanted
to consult engineers to see what repairs the township could start doing
“It’s something we have to start addressing right now,” Thorn said.

AH gets accessibility grant 
earlier this year the township was told it had been declined for a
grant through the federal Enabling Accessibility Fund toward a lift
system at the Stanhope library branch, in July, the township was
informed that funding remained available, that the application had been
reviewed, and that the township would be receiving money. The project is
anticipated to cost just less than $80,000, and the grant is for just
more than $50,000, with the township covering the remainder.

Taking aim at single-use plastics 
Lisa Barry, who sits on the township’s environment and stewardship
committee, said members of the committee are working toward a plan for
reducing the use of single-use plastics in the township. 
committee has sort of brainstormed looking at a plastics reduction
strategy,” Barry said, adding this entailed looking at the township’s
own in-house operations, as well as a public education component. 
works director Adam Thorn said there have been discussions about
reducing the use of single-use plastics within the roads department. 

“We have been talking about reducing single-use plastics within our own staff,” Thorn said.