/ROMA bill totals about $16000  

ROMA bill totals about $16000  

By Chad Ingram

Published March 23 2017

In all councillors from the county expensed just more than $16230 in costs during the recent Rural Ontario Municipal Association conference which took place at Toronto’s Sheraton Centre Jan. 29 to 31.

The ROMA conference allows municipal politicians and staff from throughout the province to network with one another as well as meet with cabinet ministers hear keynote addresses from speakers including the Premier and attend various seminars and workshops on municipal issues.
With the registration fee for the conference at approximately $600 per person councillors can also charge mileage parking accommodations and meals to be expensed by their townships.

Most councillors accrued total expenses of just less than $1500.

Dysart et al Councillor Susan Norcross did not stay at a hotel so with mileage charges of about $200 had total expenses of approximately $800.

Four of the five members of Algonquin Highlands council attended this year’s ROMA conference. Councillor Lisa Barry had total expenses of about $1520 while Councillor Marlene Kyle and Deputy-reeve Liz Danielsen had total expenses of approximately $1480 and $1470 respectively.
Algonquin Highlands Reeve Carol Moffatt also attended her total expenses of about $1440 covered at the county council level. Expenses for Dysart et al Deputy-reeve Andrea Roberts and county chief administrative officer Mike Rutter were also covered by the upper tier. Their total expenses were approximately $1370 and $1470 respectively.

Four members of Minden Hills council attended the conference. Councillor Jeanne Anthon had total expenses of just less than $1500 Reeve Brent Devolin just more than $1600.
Councillor Pam Sayne’s total expenses were approximately $1730 and expenses for Councillor Ron Nesbitt approximately $1830.