/Sanctuary gets chance at pigeons  

Sanctuary gets chance at pigeons  

By Chad Ingram

While Minden Hills councillors had been on the precipice of hiring acompany to trap and euthanize a flock of pigeons living in downtownMinden and roosting in the former theatre along Water Street afterreceiving correspondence from the Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary councilwill let the sanctuary attempt to deal with the birds.

“I think weshould consult with them before we take any action financial on this” Councillor Pam Sayne said during a May 28 meeting councillors havingjust received correspondence from the sanctuary the day before.
Other councillors were in agreement.

“I saw the email and rather than going out and just killing them Iwouldn’t mind trying some different options and hopefully they couldhelp us out and it sounded like they were offering to help” saidDeputy Mayor Lisa Schell. “Financially it would be beneficial but also beneficial to the pigeons if we maybe just educate people right nowtoo and ask that they not be fed and that we board up that buildingwhere they seem to be roosting at the highest amount.”

The township will contact the new owner of the theatre building about having the building sealed off.