/Shoot the bull Haliburton style

Shoot the bull Haliburton style

On Tuesday March 1 at 7 p.m. at the Minden Community Centre the Haliburton County Farmers Association (HCFA) is hosting a farming info evening.

What’s it about?

It’s about farming here in Haliburton. It’s about growing things here in Haliburton. It’s about raising livestock – cattle sheep goats chickens etc.  here in Haliburton.

Many people have ideas on what makes Haliburton unique – the lakes and rivers and hills that drew many of us or our families here in the first place and continue to draw the many seasonal residents and tourists to return time and time again. We have a vibrant arts community. We have many many committed citizens who volunteer and help with the many events and activities that happen here. The list goes on.

But let’s face it – farming/agricultural production is not something very many associate with Haliburton. The very geographical characteristic that people find so attractive is not a positive for agriculture.

Haliburton County is on the Canadian Shield and we are positioned between a much more hospitable environment for farming to the south and similarly to the north. Farming in Haliburton can be considered unique as well.

It’s a challenge for anyone trying to raise livestock or grow vegetables here. This meeting is to try to share some information. We can all use help! Our principle livestock commodity here is beef – we will have an individual Dan Ferguson from Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) here to talk about the challenges of raising beef. While there aren’t many sheep farmers many times people start raising livestock with either sheep or goats – we will have a small ruminants specialist Jillian Craig to share information.

The soil or lack thereof affects us all – whether it’s a farming operation raising livestock or a market garden growing vegetables. Peter Doris a soils specialist from OMAFRA will be here to talk about Haliburton’s somewhat unique conditions and what can be done. Many people raise chickens here; while Ontario Chicken cannot make our meeting they have sent some info and Bryan Barlow HCFA’s president will talk to the new programs announced.

Our presenters will each talk for about 15 minutes which takes up the first hour or so. Then the meeting will break up and each presenter will have an area in the room where they will have additional info and anyone can go talk to them one-on-one. Heather Candler our support individual from OMAFRA will also be available to share info on OMAFRA’s programs and resources.

Last but not least – the most important part – food and drinks will be available!