/State of emergency ends in Minden Hills 

State of emergency ends in Minden Hills 

By Chad Ingram

flood-related state of emergency that was declared by the Township of
Minden Hills on April 24 was lifted by the township on the afternoon of
Monday, May 6, and a flood warning for the MNRF’s Bancroft District,
which includes the Gull, Irondale and Burnt river watersheds has ended. 
At press time, water levels remained high and residents were encouraged to remain vigilant. 
widespread and significant threat to safety of persons and property
from the recent flooding of the Gull River and Burnt River watersheds
have stabilized, yet due to anticipated weather events forecasting
additional rainfall, the township will not be initiating recovery
operations until water levels significantly decline,” a May 6 release
from the township reads. “Water levels are expected to stay high for the
foreseeable future, and the ground continues to be saturated. The TSW
continues to manage water flows throughout the systems, therefore it is
strongly recommended that property owners who have a historical
susceptibility to flooding, continue to monitor their situation
number of roads in the township have been closed to all but local
traffic during the past few weeks, and some washouts have occurred. In
the village of Minden, many residents sandbagged their properties,
as the Gull River overtook the Minden Riverwalk and crept onto portions
of roadways, including Invergordon Avenue and Anson Street. 
clean-up kits are available from the township, and those requiring one
should call 705-286-1260,  ext. 211, or after hours, 1-866-856-3247.