/Tax jump at Stanhope airport

Tax jump at Stanhope airport

Tax jump at Stanhope Airport

By Chad Ingram

Taxes at the Stanhope Airport will rise for Algonquin Highlands after a visit from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).

Councillors received a report from treasurer Tammy McKelvey during their Oct. 1 meeting showing a total tax bill of nearly $15000.

“The trigger is the new hangars had building permits” McKelvey told councillors explaining it’s building permits that will prompt a visit from MPAC.

Part of the tax bill was for existing hangars dating back to 2013 and part for four hangars constructed last year.

While buildings with municipal uses are typically exempt from taxation the township is being taxed for the part of the property that is used for the private storage of aircraft.

The township leases out its hangars for revenue.

As per McKelvey’s recommendation the township will write off approximately $6100 that is the municipal portion of the tax bill. The balance some $8.600 representing the county and school board portions will be charged to the airport.

As per McKelvey’s recommendation hangar tenants will be notified their leases will be amended to cover the taxes effective Jan. 1 2016.

The visit from MPAC means that some property owners neighbouring the airport will also see their taxes rise which will in turn mean more property tax for the township.

“It’s a positive and a negative” said Reeve Carol Moffatt.