/Trout find a new home in Maple Lake

Trout find a new home in Maple Lake

The Haliburton Highlands Outdoor Association kicked off its 2022 spring stocking of lake and rainbow trout in area lakes on April 22. 

Volunteers transported 2,500 lake trout by truck from the HHOA hatchery on Gelert Road in Haliburton to their new home in Maple Lake, north of Carnarvon. Volunteers released the lake trout into the lake where they will join thousands of others the HHOA has stocked over the years.

“The stocking season is always an exciting time,” said Dan Smith, HHOA president. “This year the HHOA will stock approximately 15,000 lake trout and 20,000 rainbow trout in 20 area lakes. Our volunteers work very hard to make this happen and to help maintain good fishing in our lakes.”

Since 1998, the HHOA has raised and stocked over 800,000 fish in local lakes. If you would like to help support the HHOA you can join or donate at HHOA.on.ca.

You can also help by playing the HHOA 50/50 monthly raffle at bigcatch5050.ca. Fifty percent of all monthly proceeds go to one lucky winner. The other 50 percent supports the fish hatchery, the stocking of area lakes, walleye spawning rehabilitation programs and other HHOA activities that benefit the region’s outdoors community.

– Submitted by Tim Bahr, HHOA