/Writers share their stories at Tall Pine Tales 
Pauline Johnson welcomes the audience to Tall Pine Tales in Haliburton. The annual literary evening featured several local and regional writers sharing their work. Mike Jaycock seated was the MC for the event which took place on July 18 at the Community Room and the chapel. /JENN WATT Staff

Writers share their stories at Tall Pine Tales 

By Jenn Watt

Published June 26 2018

It takes constant effort to write well MC Mike Jaycock told the group of writers gathered in Haliburton on Wednesday evening. Over the course of his career he learned the importance of sentence structure research proofreading and the resolution it takes to scrap it all and start over again.

Good writing can make people feel deeply. Jaycock’s grandfather a farmer who moved from Saskatchewan to England in the 1930s would write letters about his life to his loved ones. Jaycock has a bundle of those letters he would never part with.

“They still can move me to tears” he said.

He congratulated those who came together at the Community Room in Haliburton for Tall Pine Tales for their writing work and for volunteering to read before an audience.

One of three evenings put on by Cottage Country Writers a group that represents Haliburton and Muskoka areas the evening included seven writers: Wendie Donabie Pauline Johnson Marie Gage Judy Snoddon Sharon Lawrence Ruth Walker and Joe Ingham. Their work covered issues serious and whimsical delivered to a receptive audience.

Johnson who was one of the event’s organizers read her work called Crusty Buns about a curmudgeon baker she once knew. Her story of kaiser buns held hostage by the neighbourhood grouch kept the crowd giggling.

The next evening of stories is to be held in Baysville on Tuesday Aug. 7; and the last evening will be in Bracebridge on Tuesday Aug. 28.

For those interested in honing their writing skills the Reading-Writing Connection meets twice a month. Everyone is welcome to attend their meetings held in Haliburton and Minden. Get in touch with Sharon Lawrence if you’re interested: srdlawrence@sympatico.ca.