/100 Acts of Green

100 Acts of Green

To the editor:

R.D.Lawrence was a literary icon and a champion of environmental issues.
Sept. 12, marked the 100th year of his birth.

Lawrence was a field biologist, journalist, wildlife rehabilitator and a veteran of WWll. He was a superb storyteller and an award winning author, published internationally.
The Lawrences owned a wilderness property in the Haliburton Highlands where they raised, rehabilitated and released injured and orphaned wildlife.
To celebrate this centennial event, I challenge you to perform “100 Acts of Green”, in 100 hours, 100 days, or 100 years! Add new “ Acts of Green” to your daily routine. Try freecycle, thrift stores, vintage stores, clothes swaps, DIY up cycle, and reclaimed materials. Ditch disposables and plastic bags.

Most importantly, plant a tree somewhere. Organize a family or neighbourhood tree planting. Forests are the lungs of the world.
Visit the Minden Hills Library to view a display of Lawrence’s books, and pick up a complimentary copy of Paddy. Visit www.crywild.com.

Sharon Lawrence
Respect all life