/A Thanksgiving invitation to support the local food bank

A Thanksgiving invitation to support the local food bank

To the Editor,

The idea, at MBC, was a simple one: We are all fortunate to be able to cottage or live in this community, and not all the people that make the community what it is are equally fortunate; Let’s do something to make it just a bit easier for those in need of some help.

Until COVID complicated matters in 2020, MBC (the Maple, Beech and Cameron Lakes Area Property Owners’ Association in the Municipality of Algonquin Highlands) volunteers collected food and money donations at St. Peter’s Church, on Maple Lake, over two days on Thanksgiving weekend. Sorted food donations (a couple of pick-up loads on a good year) were delivered straight to the Minden Community Food Centre along with cheques and cash donations. Over the years, and with some matching funds from the MBC itself, we have dropped off tonnes of food and thousands of dollars donated by our members and neighbours.

The pandemic has made it, to say the least, difficult and impractical for the MBC to do food donation collection as in the past, but the association remains committed to supporting the community of which we are so lucky to be a part. So: This year, the MBC has put out messages to its’ membership and our neighbours to give what they can in cash, directly to the MCFC. The MBC and MCFC have arranged to track marked donations so that MBC can match up to $1,000.

In addition, the MBC is having an appreciation raffle for donations over $25 (eligible for a tax receipt from MCFC) from its’ members.

The MBC would like to invite other lake associations and other organizations to join them in doing what they can to help the Minden Community Food Centre stock up for the fall and winter; Thanksgiving is not just a symbolically good time for helping out, it is also the beginning of the slower times here in the county. With the tourists and cottagers heading off, jobs are scarcer, and times get a bit harder.

Don’t forget: food donations are still always appreciated and the MCFC is able, with proper protocols in place, to receive them directly.

Find out the many ways anyone can give by calling them up, or go on-line at mindenfoodbank.org/donate.html.

Andy Muirhead
Director – Maple, Beech and Cameron Lakes
Area Property Owner’s Association