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Ads hyperbolic

To the Editor,

I was very disappointed to see the hyperbolic advertisement from the Haliburton Home Builders Association opposing shoreline protection measures in Haliburton County. Given what we have experienced this year, I thought the Homebuilders might understand the dire consequences of disturbing wild animals and habitats a little more clearly. While you would think they would also understand that maintaining the health of our lakes is key to their business, they seem quite willing to sacrifice this irreplaceable asset if it means not having to take ecological consequences into account in their project plans.

I must have missed the advertisement where they opposed the spending of millions of dollars on repairing roads and bridges or hundreds of thousands to fix environmental problems at landfill sites. So if I understand this right, the homebuilders believe that spending on grey infrastructure is OK. Spending to protect green infrastructure that is absolutely critical to maintaining our health and our enjoyment of our lakes is a frill that we can’t afford.

If I were a homebuilder in Haliburton, I would be questioning the wisdom of hitching my wagon to an organization that wants to drag this county backwards. The only problem with developing a shoreline protection bylaw is that we are 20 years late in getting it done.

Brad Cundiff
Canning Lake