/Bobcaygeon Road in bad shape

Bobcaygeon Road in bad shape

To the Editor, 

I am writing regarding the Bobcaygeon Road which is desperately in need of repair.

I know you know this, and I am sure plans are afoot to do something, but I wanted to bring a few details to Council’s attention when it comes to how much tax dollars should be spent on this project.
Are you aware that if you use any type of navigation system in your vehicle as you travel from Bracebridge to Minden it will advise you to take the Bobcaygeon Road as the shortest and fastest route?
This means the abundance of GTA traffic that flows up Hwy 400 and Hwy 11 to shop for real estate/cottages who also want to investigate Minden area and Haliburton County will be directed down the Bobcaygeon Road. It is the most direct route to the county seat where several real estate companies have offices. This means the Bobcaygeon Road will be their first impression. As the saying goes…” you only have one chance to make a first impression.”

Secondly it is one of the few routes that funnel vehicles without option right into the downtown core.
This is a boon for our downtown merchants who would appreciate the increase in traffic. In addition, this provides the opportunity to showcases the natural beauty of Minden. A great reason to make the road more appealing.
Thirdly, Bobcaygeon Road has become dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycles, and vehicles.
Living on this road I have experienced some near misses as people zig zag erratically trying to avoid the worse potholes. And you cannot blame them…you could break an axle in some of them.

So, in conclusion I am respectfully suggesting that this would be a real opportunity to maximize your return on this expenditure by doing this up right. This would include a nice wide bike lane for safety and to showcase the progressive nature of our community in regard to healthy activities.
This would include a large attractive sign on the 118-inviting people to Minden with the distance clearly marked.
I am excited about the future potential of a decent road and willing to suffer in the short term for a good outcome.

Doug Macnab
Bobcaygeon Road