/Building in the public interest 

Building in the public interest 

To the Editor

Good old Minden arena – If you’ve ever been there on a weekend between September and March you’d know that it is a hub of activity with plenty of families from here and the greater surrounding area coming to make use of our facility. In fact it’s the only activity hub in our community that’s geared toward families and the younger generation.

Now having read some of the letters of the last few weeks I realize that some members of the community don’t appreciate their precious tax money being diverted to investments which don’t directly impact their own lives. Numbers being thrown around like that means anything at all. How many school age kids are there currently in our county? Let’s say 1500. Can you do the cost analysis on this? Maybe we should stop funding schools because students make up such a small portion of our population.

And to our seasonal residents – the folks who should be thankful every day that they have the means to not only buy a vacation home but the ability to afford our taxes and support our community. If you’re going to buy property you should expect that not every single tax dollar goes toward your direct benefit. But then again don’t community amenities help to provide a safe and pleasant town for you to vacation in?

The arena planning committee has their work cut out for them. Let’s make it happen – we need this facility! As for a pool – why should Minden Hills shoulder this cost when it would be the whole county using it?

Angelika Walter
Minden Hills