/Bundled and betrayed

Bundled and betrayed

To the Editor,

On the rare occasion when the CRTC does not allow Bell Canada to raise prices on some of their services, Bell gets creative and still finds a way to stiff us. I figured this was coming after Bell removed the bundle discount from my mobility (data hub internet service) last year. I retaliated by finding a better, less expensive service. Last week Bell advised me they were eliminating the bundle discount on my home phone and TV services.

Bundle and Save? Now they have convinced us to drop some of our other service providers and bundle and save, they have discontinued the Save part of that alleged deal. As usual I called 310 Bell and the call centre once again wasted my time trying to sell me a different satellite tv package which was worse than what I currently have. It was a rainy day so I insisted that I wanted to speak to someone who actually gave a rat’s behind. After over an hour and the same discussion with three other people, the last person told me he was very sorry but there was nothing he could do to compensate me some other way (sometimes that works).  

Don’t waste your time complaining to the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications).  It’s like complaining to the OEB (Ontario Energy Board) about your hydro bill. One thing that may help is to email your concerns to the new CEO of Bell Canada, Mirko Bibic mirkobibic@bell.ca.
One of his people will respond and no matter what the resolve is you can at least have peace of mind that your complaint has made it near to the top.

Jack Sward