/Call a friend!

Call a friend!

By Laurie Sweig

Welcome to 2021. It’s a new year. For many there’s a feeling of starting anew. Making commitments, setting goals. I always find it exciting to set out a plan for a change I want to make. Then as the time ticks away so does the motivation that was there when the brilliant idea first presented itself as a light bulb over my head. Before we were hit with the restrictions of COVID-19 we had interactions that helped to fuel the motivation fire but the lack of these interactions makes it more difficult to attain goals – fitness or otherwise.

We know all about what we can’t do right now. We can’t go to fitness classes at a gym. We’re left to grunt and groan on our own during an online class. We’re not missed in the same way when we don’t show up to the class. There’s no one to notice when we drop a pound or two. The tiny inspiring moments are lost and with it goes the want to stick with the plan. The hole gets deeper unless we decide to not let it happen. We have to adapt.

Thankfully we are living at a time when communication at a distance is readily accessible and we’re going to use that to our advantage. Pick someone in your life who is wanting to make a change in their life. It doesn’t have to be the same goal as you have. It just has to be someone who can support you and who you can support. Here are some ideas on how you can make this work:

• Write down your goal and your plan, including timelines. Once you’re comfortable with it send it to your friend and have them send you their goal and plan.
• Set up a time to review each other’s goal and plan. Be sure you both have clear start and end dates.
• Set up a regular time to meet. Protect that time as if your life depends on it.
• Set an agenda for each meeting. Treat it as a business meeting. Talk about successes and failures. Review possible changes that set you each up for success. Most importantly – don’t judge. Don’t judge your friend or yourself.

Just because we are separated from one another doesn’t mean we have to be apart. It’s human nature to help each other out. Let’s focus on that goodness. This is the perfect time for that.
Something to think about.

Laurie Sweig is a certified personal fitness trainer and spinning instructor. She owns and operates The Point for Fitness. She can be reached at laurie@thepointforfitness.com.