/Coffee awaits helpful stranger

Coffee awaits helpful stranger

To the Editor

The week of July 25 to Aug. 1 we were up northrenting a cottage at Burks Falls. It was important that I got mybloodwork done on Wednesday July 29 at a Life Labs and you guessed it the the nearest location was in your pretty little town of Minden. Itwas over a two-hour drive when we got there because of construction so I was a bit late for my 10 a.m. appointment. My husband dropped me off at the door.

As I rushed myself with my mask I saw a middle-aged manholding the door for who I thought was a person in a wheelchair turningaround on the sidewalk. I rushed in to get out of the way and did notrealize that he was holding it open for me. I am so sorry that Idisappointed you that day and didn’t say thank you and may have givenyou a bad start to the day. That is not like me so please accept mysincere thanks and apology. I don’t know who you are but there is acoffee waiting for you at Tim Hortons in Minden.

Elvera Trimboli