/Letters to the EditorLetters to the Editor To the EditorBonnie RoeRitchie Falls

Letters to the EditorLetters to the Editor To the EditorBonnie RoeRitchie Falls


To the Editor,


I would like to send a shout out to the media, Coalition for Haliburton County Property Owners’ Associations, Kennisis Lake Cottage Owners’ Association, Environment Haliburton, councillors, mayors, businesses and all community members who have been diligent in providing ongoing, factual, informative updates on the shoreline preservation bylaw issue and the current indefinite postponement. County council has made a wise decision based on our current health crisis and the importance of adequate attendance at a future meeting. I commend Mayor Carol Moffatt of Algonquin Highlands on reaching out to the broader community and the clarifications and support she provided in her Facebook post this weekend. 


As a resident with both riverfront and lakefront cottage property in Haliburton County I believe in community members exercising their voice and concerns. However, at the same time I feel it is important that we do this with civility and respect. It truly saddens me to hear that people are being asked to not support local businesses based on which side of the fence they sit on. 

In challenging times like these we need to come together and not be divisive. 

The health of our lakes and waterfronts is of paramount importance now as it will continue to affect the future of all in Haliburton County.

I look forward to open and constructive dialogue when the meeting is rescheduled.


Bonnie Roe

Ritchie Falls