/Extra fees unfair

Extra fees unfair

To the Editor

I would like to bring to your attention what I believe is an unfair policy of the Town of Minden Hills.

I recently discovered I had entered the wrong account number when paying my property taxes online. I learned this when I received a notice for $16 interest charged for late payment. Clearly the payment wasn’t late – it just went to the wrong account.

After looking into this I was told that not only would I have to pay the interest on the payment that was not late but that I would have to also pay a $25 fee to correct my original mistake.

I can almost understand the $25 charge although in this day and age it hardly costs that to correct an entry in a computerized environment and I think this fee is unfair.

But I cannot understand how the town can also charge interest on a payment they acknowledge was made on time. This is more than just unfair – it is simply wrong.

Pat Aitken