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Give local

By Chad Ingram
Published Nov. 22, 2018 
With a host of yuletide festivities getting underway in the county, it would appear that the Christmas season is upon us. 
the lighting up of Minden last weekend, to the Santa Claus parades and
Festival of Trees this upcoming weekend, the community is getting
dressed up in green and red. 
white. Mother Nature has, uh . . . blessed us with an early,
mid-November snowfall that seems to be taking up residency. Just really
making itself at home. Not going anywhere any time soon. While the
scenario may not be ideal to some of us, it does bring with it a certain
Christmas-y feeling, one that may even be spurring residents to get to
work on tackling their holiday shopping lists. 
doing your gift shopping this season, please remember to give some
thought to local business owners. In an area that still has a largely
seasonal economy, winter can be a lean time, and a little influx of
Christmas cash could go a long way for some businesses. It may be true
that the county does not have the kind of selection that allows all of
us to do all of our Christmas shopping locally, but almost certainly
there are some items on your list that can found within the county. 
while the shops of Bobcaygeon Road and Highland Street may be the first
thing that comes to mind when we consider shopping locally, remember
there are plenty of other businesses that provide plentiful gift-giving
opportunities, too. 
this year, rather than things, you give your loved ones experiences;  a
day of dogsledding or ice climbing or ice fishing or skiing. Or gift
certificates for local restaurants or accommodations. 
maybe you visit one of the many artists’ studios throughout the
Haliburton Highlands. Gifts of jewelry or pottery or art are great
because of their uniqueness. Local art is also a fantastic gift idea if
you want to give someone a gift that is representative of the Haliburton
benefits of shopping locally are well-documented. The money you spend
stays in the community,  it helps create and maintain jobs, and you are
supporting your friends and neighbours. 
you prefer to give a gift that is a donation, there are numerous
non-profit and charitable groups throughout the county that are always
looking for help, particularly at this time of year. 
Happy shopping.