/Give us a break

Give us a break

To the Editor,


I have just read the article about Council discussing short term cottage rentals. I am one of the 8,000 people in the seasonal residences category that make up the 10,000 population of Algonquin Highlands. We own our cottage and have to this point never rented it. That has been our choice as an owner of the property and we feel that should remain our choice – not something mandated by council. 


After reading the article I do believe that the issues that are being brought forth of noise complaints etc. are not a rental issue but rather inconsideration for others’ enjoyment. The article clearly states that one person had reported someone that he thought was a renter and it was actually the owner. Our cottage has been beside a neighbour who has rented for a number of years and we only had one incident worth mentioning. From our standpoint we find the noise of fireworks which are easily purchased in our township very annoying and given water access properties and response times are almost impossible to police. I think council needs to work to police their current bylaws before they add in administration costs of licensing etc. If they do go this route will all dwellings be subject to such a form of taxation – i.e. any dwelling rented in the township? How will this affect lodges who rent cottages out for a week at a time? 


Let’s not put everything on the backs of your seasonal residents – we already carry the brunt of the load of the school taxes and most recently policing costs – give us a break.


Jamie Pritchard

Big Hawk Lake