/High expectations

High expectations

To the Editor

Five weeks ago I reached outto Mr. Jamie Schmale our Member of Parliament to express my concernsabout the federal government and their apparent disregard for thepolitical process.  If you want to contact our MP you must fill out apage with multiple “required fields.” Make sure you copy your notesprior to sending because once it is gone despite them having all yourinformation you will not receive a copy of the correspondencesacknowledgement of the email nor apparently a response. Frankly thosekind of “one way” contact pages should not be allowed for any level ofour government it does not even show up as a sent document.
Realizing that things can and do go awry I called his office after four weeksto inquire as to what happened. Another week passed and again noresponse I told them not to bother and thus the reason for this letterto the editor.

During the COVID-19 pandemic a number of the voices forthe public have risen to the top with excellent communication andplanning skills many locally. In my opinion our Member of Parliamentdoes not fall into that category. I still have the original concerns Iwrote to him about. Concerns perhaps all Canadians should have aboutwhat is happening politically in our nations capital and the absolutelack of an Opposition. In my opinion a response to my communicationwould have been appropriate. Perhaps I did indeed have highexpectations.

Murray Adam
Algonquin Highlan