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Letters to the EditorLetters to the EditorTo the EditorLois RigneyCanning Lake

To the Editor

One cannot open a newspaper or turn on the TV without being bombarded with news of more sexual assault charges. Yes sexual assault is serious and should not be tolerated! But should the accusers not be named and come forth to the media as those accused are pictured. The U.S. gymnasts bravely did that when accusing their doctor. Why should accusers keep their anonymity while destroying lives of those they accuse? When did our justice system change to “ guilty until proven innocent ?”

I personally am aware of two cases where false accusations were made against men who were later cleared of wrongdoing. Any retractions of the accusations appear on the back pages of the newspapers in small articles. Why is there an assumption of guilt before the accused has their day in court?

The latest bombshell is the accusation of sexual misconduct by a provincial leader about to possibly become our next premier by two anonymous accusers mere months before the election. Does the timing not seem suspicious? Why not when the supposed misconduct happened? The accused proclaims he is innocent and wants it settled in court. No time for that during an election campaign so another career is ruined forcing a resignation at the pinnacle of his political life spanning municipal federal and provincial politics. The resignation was forced by the party to prevent scandal during an election campaign!

Why can’t our justice system be based on “innocent until proven guilty” so good lives are not ruined forever!

Lois Rigney

Canning Lake