/Lack of masks disconcerting

Lack of masks disconcerting

To the Editor,

I put a Facebook post out detailing the number of places I have seen without proper use of masks. It’s astonishing and incredibly dangerous.

Here’s what I’ve found: A Minden grocery store employee not wearing a mask roaming the aisles. Another Minden grocery store letting customers in without a face mask. An employee on cash not wearing a mask covering their nose and mouth. At a hardware store, customers allowed with no mask, cashier with no mask at all. At another Minden business, employees with no masks in a public pickup area. At a gas station, an indoor employee in that tiny space wearing no mask.

We’ve gone insane here. And if one person were to come from out of town infected and buy groceries, get something at the hardware store and gas up? We’d have a super spreader. And if this happened, our little hospital would do what? What would we do when a poor county is hit by a super-spreader?

I’m looking at no longer shopping in Minden and moving my purchases to other towns with better respect for our health. That’s sad, because there are some businesses that are really trying. But I have to deal with minimizing our health risks. Obviously, many local businesses just don’t care. I do.

Jim Love
Miners’ Bay